Software Development

We offer Software Development Services in association with our partners Baroc Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Baroc is an India-based software solutions and IT consultancy company providing services to a range of clients in Europe, USA and around the globe. Its strategic offshore location and proven expertise allows us to provide you with quality work in quality time.

The highly qualified Baroc Custom Software development team with a versatile skill pool specializing in technologies like .net Development and Ajax Development is fully equipped to handle various projects.

Project Management

Baroc assists its client to clearly define the required software product and help them to translate their product vision into functionality.

Application Development

Our engineers are constantly trained which enable them to stay at the top of the technology ladder.

Apart from the developing software’s, Baroc has implemented various XML and custom format based data exchange tools for its products as well as for its partners. The data exchange tools work as stand alone programs or as Windows NT service.

Baroc also provides consultancy on a project basis, where we help you in analysis and design of the project and there-after externally manage the implementation of the project.