E-Commerce / Shopping Cart

Everybody knows that retail stores are a good business, But now the retail store are very keen to enter the Internet market as there is a vast business opportunity & there are no limits to the internet.

We can help you design and develop an end-to-end e-commerce website to sell your products online, manage online transactions, user management and authentication, data and content management, shopping cart applications, and payment gateway integration.

Based on your unique goals and business requirements, we develop a custom eCommerce solutions that you will be a stable and secure full-featured E commerce web solution that has all the functionalities you need.

Our E-Commerce Website will include following functionalities

  1. Facility to Add/Edit/Delete unlimited number of products to the store
  2. Facility to Add/Edit/Delete unlimited number of Categories and Sub-categories to the store:
    1. you can select which category will be shown on TOP MENU
    2. sub-categories will be shown as DROP-DOWN in the TOP MENU
  3. Facility to Add/Edit/Delete unlimited number of Images for a product
  4. Discount / Special Price / Different price on Bulk Quantity
  5. Product Options: you can add various options like 1TB, 2TB or colors like RED, BLUE etc.
  6. Related Products Module: you can add related products to any product for increasing sales
  7. Various Modules like Latest Products, Bestsellers
  8. Customer Reviews: customer will be able to add reviews to a product and they will NOT BE PUBLISHED unless you APPROVE them
  9. Scroller Module: banners of diff sizes
  10. Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Bank pay, Online Payment integration with CC Avenue
  11. Login: two types of logins…
    1. Registered normal customers + Guest checkout
    2. Dealer Logins – can be created by Admin only and dealer can see special prices for Dealers (General type customers will not be able see special prices)
  12. Featured Products: you can add/delete featured products to this module … Daily, Weekly or whenever you wish
  13. Show Category on home Page: show categories as slider on Home page
  14. Special offer page:  we can set a category where you can show products which are special priced and are available for a selected period only
  15. Newsletter Facility: Send a newsletter/Special announcements etc. to entire Group – General Customers OR Dealers thru admin.